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They keep on telling me that the one part of England that isntshell-shocked is the deep country. It must berotten to come out to a place like this and get no good of itbecause of your vile body. Iwont ask what youre doing here, for Ken says that is what I mustnever ask.
He was in my battalion, and Adam forgatheredwith him to-day on the river.
What has your Lord Armine to give to the world?
But what does itmatter on a day like this?
He could see that his companion sethim down as a commercial traveller. He nevertells me anything, and Ive known him ever since he used to lick mefor burning his toast.
Falconets dark hawk-like face was flushed with enthusiasm. Besides, the present Parliament washopeless, and to be a member of it would only compromise him.
Iwant a yarn with him, and hed amuse Jackie.
As he passed the other hestopped for a moment to watch him.
She pronounced the namesof Labour notables with an almost sacramental reverence. By the end of the afternoonhe had half a dozen fragrant fish of his own catching. Hediscoursed on his farming investigations of the afternoon. The chaperonebusiness is beyond me, so I dont try. No, said Adam, I left the toy-shops alone!
Iexpect you to draw on me for all you want. Maybe, but weve been too long here for meto take a bagmans view of property.
His face wore an air of mystified apprehension. 
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