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With infinite time before us, said Neville, we ask what shall wedo? The flashing trees andwhite rails went up in a shower.
This is our triumph; this is our consolation.
Ripping gold, I say to him, Come, said Jinny.
Their eyes are like moths wings moving so quickly that they do notseem to move at all. There is littletime left to answer the question; my powers flag; I become torpid.
But Isay to myself, recovering my sanity, Mr Prentice at four; Mr Eyresat four-thirty. Now the agony begins; now the horror has seized me with itsfangs, said Neville.
Peaked clouds, said Rhoda, voyage over a sky dark like polishedwhalebone.
We lie gorged with food,torpid in the heat.
About him my feeling was: hesat there in the centre. The houses are lightly founded to bepuffed over by a breath of air.
This is where I stand;here, holding the telegram.
I ride rough waters andshall sink with no one to save me.
We have eaten beef and pudding enough to live for aweek without tasting food.
She looks far away over our heads, beyond India.
And what has brought them onthis particular evening to this particular spot? One cannot liveoutside the machine for more perhaps than half an hour. Iwill go straight, then, down the stairs, and hail the first taxiand drive to Jinny. They are immune, said Rhoda, from picking fingers and searchingeyes.
Meeting and parting, we assemble different forms, makedifferent patterns. Their horns spill blue smoke; their skins are dappled red andyellow in the torchlight.
No doubt herose with the great arms holding the cornucopia, and fell, in thatdescent.
Already I no longer cry with conviction, What luck! The yellow canopy of ourtremendous energy hangs like a burning cloth above our heads.
They talk a littlelanguage such as lovers use.
There was a surge; a drumming inhis ears. Hence our loneliness; hence ourdesolation. Their panes, woven thickly withgreen branches, held circles of impenetrable darkness.
We are infinitely abject,shuffling past with our eyes shut.
Now open in my eyes athousand eyes of curiosity. 
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