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The thought of Watermeeting did not console Mr Craw.
I daresay I could find himsome auld things o Tams. He was certain now that the moorsof the Canonry were better than a third-class in the London train.
I aye think the kitchens the nicest bit in thehoose. Personal experience is not the decisivefactor.
Jaikie laboured with the poker at the chimney, but the obstructionwas beyond him.
I have two pounds, thirteen and ninepence, he announced.
I presume you have a privatesitting-room.
These last words drew Mr Craw precipitately from his bed. Theres a feck o folk on the road the day, fortheres been anither man here wantin lodgins!
Theterrier sniffed wistfully at Jaikies leg.
Hepoured out a share of the hot water from the pail, and made himplunge his head into it. But the drover was past caring about the details of the bargain. He was an omnivorous reader, but he hadfound Carlyle heavy going. That was, of course, the smell ofcows; he had forgotten that cows smelt so agreeably.
Jaikie sat by the peats, Woolworths head against his knee, andbrooded.
I have no money, he stammered, ignoring the petty coins in hispalm. People talk about a buzzard screaming, but it mews like asick cat.
Butat any rate here was shelter, and the smell of peat reek promised afire. The drover shot out ofthe kitchen into the rain, and the door was locked by Mrs Johnstonbehind him.
That means postponing still further my journey to London, said MrCraw.
Ill be down in a jiffey, mistress, and Ill go after him on yourmans bicycle.
The starlings had been malignlyactive in the chimney.
I cant get to Castle Gay without a bicycle, and be back in time,was all he said.
That means postponing still further my journey to London, said MrCraw.
He bathed his inflamedand aching feet in the burn, and encased them in Jaikies homespun. 
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