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Immediately he transferred the neck to hisupper mouth and sucked the blood from the carcass. Yes; I am almost constantly endeavoring to throw off the hypnoticspell. Then the things, whatever they were that assailed me, overpowered me bynumbers. My mind was thus occupied when I was halted before a door.
If there is no one here now, it hasnot been deserted long. I imagine that it was very nutritious, and it was quite palatable. You think of your friends, do younot, although you cannot see them now?
You can never succeed, he said, if you harbor such doubts.
I was standing where I could look directly out into the corridor whenthe door was opened.
Their features were strong, their expressionsstern and somewhat forbidding. Finally he opened the door in the cage and liberated the captive.
After this he playedwith it, pawing it around.
I am afraid so, I said, but we have come for that purposeand that purpose alone. I have a feeling that it is not deserted now, said Jat Or.
Please stay on board, pleaded Jat Or solicitiously; but Zanda onlyshook her head.
They look very much like you, he replied; at least they are the samesort of creature. At least, however, it partially explained the strange actions of Zanda. Icaused the door in the port side to be opened and the ladder lowered. Against my will, you insisted uponmaking me a free woman, she reminded me.
Presently the door was opened and fully twenty-five men filed into theroom. I wheeled instantly to see what danger confronted her.
Escape from this horrible placewhile you may.
No, my friend,as far as Barsoom is concerned we are as good as dead.
Jat Or had been closer to her; and he had almost overtaken her when Iheard him shout, Issus!
She was gazing at me dreamily through the heavy lashes of herhalf-closed lids.
Umka looked dumb, and fortunately he remained dumb.
For weapons, each wore along sword and a dagger. I can take care of myself, said Zanda, simply. Her seeming convulsions had been her struggles against these unseenassailants.
I have a feeling that it is not deserted now, said Jat Or. After this he playedwith it, pawing it around. I should like very much to see them, I told him.
Yes, of course, I think of them; but what has that to do with it? I moved toward him, and again he changed his position.
If you knew how, you could see themas plainly as I do.
Because it is so much like this one, she replied.
One of the pleasures of the trip I am to be robbed of by our captors,I replied.
Occupying the throne at the mans side was a young and very beautifulwoman. 
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