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Imashamed of her and thats all there is to it. Thenext time she comes you make it a point to see her, will you? Just tell me what it is, that isall I ask. Poor Aunt Susan wanted us to have it andshe took pains to make sure that we got it.
I amall right, or I shall be pretty soon.
If theres any answerIll see that she gets it.
What makes you so pig-headed all at once?
What makes you so pig-headed all at once? He was behind that Tobiass impudent talk, ofcourse.
His manner toward the convalescent waskindness itself. No use in stirrin upmore talk around this house than there is, already. He wont ask youfor a cent, of course; he wouldnt ask me. It was enough,however, so far as Wellmouth was concerned. Thats what I came to you about, he continued.
Well, hes always said the samething about you, furs that goes.
He tried to rise, but got no farther than to prop himself upon oneelbow.
No, I dont want to hear you make excuses for her.
You ought to see these people, Carey, he insisted.
Now, awake, he wished onlythat he might never have wakened.
Shewas much too fond of being the center of attention herself to carefor that of a possible rival. Carey had notgone down, nor had he risen.
Compared with such disaster,what else mattered?
I see by the papers that youve hadanother windfall. 
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