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I like best thatyellow one, like a bell in shape, that nods at you in the creek bottoms. Dead aspenwood by the cord, hard as iron, lay, already felled by the beaver. Lucinda looked at him with what seemed surprise and compassion. That was a black antelope, king ofthat herd.
He fared forth with an axe anddragged down some long poles.
At dawn he was up, wading through the dewy grass to fetch in his horse. What difference did it really make where they began tolive their lives together?
He placed bundles of shakes along the wall,so that he could heave them up with a rope. The whole bushy tree, byprodigious effort, he dragged behind the wagon and secured with a chain. Calves, heifers, steers all gone, except the furrybags of bones! He glanced atthe sky, shaking his dark head.
Logan thought he fared sumptuously,and he told Lucinda so.
It would grow andswell, and sweep through the forest, mounting to a tremendous roar.
His initial attempt was to drag down a bundlein a canvas.
He had a camp-chair somewhere inthe wagon. Logan finished a whole side of the roof by evening in atremendous burst of energy.
Lucinda did not wantLogan to find out how strongly she felt. Its got to be straight grain, and not toosappy. Then she remembered the silk scarf which Logan had advised forthis very emergency.
Thats all right, she said to the perturbed Logan. Alas for her trunks and Logans treasured possessions! Then she ran into the stretch of dust that Logan had mentioned.
Logan was delighted with his ingenuity, and could not see why hiswife was not the same.
Oxen and wagon jarred heavily over saplings. She stood up, leaning out, holdingdesperately to the canvas-covered hoop. Why in hell dont cougars stick to deer meat? Has it taken that to show you the terrific truth ofyour trial?
He began his floor from thefoundation log of the cabin.
Im afraid of storms, said Lucinda in a troubled voice. They were as tame ascattle, but Logan had no compunction about shooting a fine bull. As all this deceitfulWest, it was not what it appeared. Because of that move, Lucindaknew gratefully they had not far to go. 
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