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These boys are classmates of mine, and theyregoing to have a chance to speak!
The idea of him wantingfifteen cents an hour! But before hewas sufficiently restored to go after Elmer again, Christmasvacation had arrived.
I must rememberthat, to tell any of these alleged higher critics, if I ever meetany!
Its because professed Christians like you give them thisemasculated religion! Jim and Nellie were at the stage now of nudging each other andbawling, Hey, quit, will yuh!
Whynt you pick on somebody your own size, you bigstiff! Trouble is, fellow dontmake much money preaching.
When Eddie had gone, Elmer laughed far more heartily than Jim orhis father. Watch therefore for you knownot what hour your Lord doth come, it says.
Oh, thats a finethought, and cleverly expressed.
Then he came to ahalt, unhappy and doubting. But this doctor quoted Scripture to prove his point!
We got to stay home, and youboys got to beat it before she comes in. Because it says so in the Bible, and if it werenttrue, do you suppose it would say so in the Bible?
Auntys sore as a pup because we was uplate at a dance night before last.
I must rememberthat, to tell any of these alleged higher critics, if I ever meetany!
Im a little afraid thatjust at PRESENT Elmer is not in a state of grace. Gosh, Doctor, I dont know whats got into me.
And so if he be not baptized, then he must burn in hellforever. The young men crept into the room withoutknocking.
The exhilaration of staying up, andpublicly, till nine-thirty. They were lanky, mustached men with cold eyes.
Gantry, Elmer spent a vacation in which there was but little peace.
Ill give your friend Fislinger a run for his money. But he had not, Eddiedoubted, entirely experienced salvation. They were lanky, mustached men with cold eyes.
They had just returned from work when Elmer andJim stamped up the rickety outside wooden steps. Elmer listened as little as possible but he was too feebleto make threats. It was a golden relief when the train bumped to a stop atGritzmacher Springs.
Iseem to smell a peculiar and a fishlike smell. But Eddie did feel like talking religion, very much so.
And immediately after those powers began to move. 
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