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That was myfirst and only meeting with P.
He had never before met a girl somodestly confident, so aware of life and unafraid of it.
Louie Wong, went to San Francisco onbusiness last Wednesday. No, he must first have a word with the little detective.
Just at presentI want to hire a car to take me out to the Madden ranch.
Martin, he added to his secretary, who had followed him in, turn offthat confounded racket. Much better I arrive on ranch inwarm daylight.
Will Holley led the way to an aged car parked before the hotel.
Come to think of it, I did see your placard onthe door.
Wait until I have snatched more conversation out of Tony.
All their fears seemed so futile here in thisbright, home-like room. Hoo la ma, he replied,in a shrill, harsh voice.
Hethrew the logs into the fireplace and as he fumed, gave Bob Eden a quicklook. Well, if you havent got the pearls, you haventgot them.
BobEden turned up the collar of his top coat. Did Eden imagine it, or were the hands really trembling?
Can not say in ringing words what is wrong here.
When Holley hadsteered Horace Greeley inside the yard, Eden shut the gate behind him. Did Eden imagine it, or were the hands really trembling? Eden has some business with you, and Ill not intrude. And what do you think Tony would tell you?
It wasnt much of a promise, agreed Holley.
I happen to know that all Madden saidof the birds past was the truth.
The boy saw Chan approach the bird, and pause.
Ill do all I can to help, Bob Eden promised.
It didnt have a very goodreputation, that joint, but there was the great P. Im going to give those pearls toMadden before breakfast. 
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