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I desired that heconvey Trouble back to Miss Meecher, in Reno. I remainedin this room from the time you left me until you saw me again on thestairs.
He returned and handed the glasses to Ward.
It was not possible toretain the little dog at Pineview. Suddenly Romano walkedover to the chair where Charlie was seated. Nevertheless, he replied, such statement is based onfacts equally well known to you.
My dear sir, thesheriff has asked you to stay.
Air aint so good to-night, suggested Cash, his smile vanishing.
He ran across the snow to pick up a largesegment of bark that lay at the foot of a near-by tree. I should gaze more often in mirror, he replied.
Recalling his conversation with the sheriff, Chanwent immediately down-stairs.
Youll be answerin fer yourself soon enough, Holt nodded. I wish I had a good sensible deputy in thisneighborhood, he added sadly. But then, I realize there is little entertainment here. Presently the music stopped and Romano, leaping to his feet, began topace the floor excitedly.
Did you by any chance do the same here last night?
In the meantime, Charlie Chan had hurried to the kitchen. Holt parked some distance down the street, and Chan got out. I fear our friend Cash does not approve our plans, Chan ventured. When the first sled went out in thespring, she was on it, with scarcely a good-by to me. For atime they sat and smoked, but before very long, Charlie arose. Therell be a nice room for you to-morrow.
Yes, he said slowly, the murder of Landini means fortune for you.
Ah, yes, on the face of Sam Holt wheneverthe matter of Sings possible guilt came up. There were various sheds and a good-sized garagebetween him and the hangar.
When the sheriffreturned to the living-room, he found Leslie Beaton alone. Youll be answerin fer yourself soon enough, Holt nodded.
In Swan, Romano, Miss Beatonand Cecile I presume you have no great personal interest. And such a joy to get a breath of fresh air.
Wardwants me, he telephones my home down t Tahoe.
Is it too muchto hope that you are interested in this subject? However, in this case, it was no owl I heard. When they were an seated,their host remarked: Some one was singing down here this evening.
It aintfair to Ward, all the trouble hes had, to load these strangers on him.
The way I see it,the fewer guns they is, the fewer people gets killed. Youre to stay here until they return, I takeit. 
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