Coral Not Working!

Karthik Kumar kkumar at
Sat Sep 30 01:18:21 PDT 2006


I wasn't sure whom exactly to write to about this problem, so please forward
to the appropriate persons if I've got it wrong.


I am unable to log into Coral. The other labmembers who were in the
cleanroom with me were unable to either. I tried from the Solaris terminals
in the lab, and via the remote coral login. Nothing worked. I received the
following error message 3 times -


"Admin Manager is not responding.

Trying again in 3 seconds."


After which I got the following message -


"Unable to get ResourceManager IOR.

Please contact lab staff."


I am logged on to three tools in the cleanroom, and am unable to log off
them. I know I am logged on because the ON symbol is glowing on the SVGcoat2
track that I was using. I am also logged on to two furnaces.


Please let me know what to do. Also please inform me if I will be charged
for the time on the tools when I was unable to log into Coral.


Best Regards,




Karthik Kumar (Coral Login: kkumar)

kkumar at




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