How about an SNF Wikipedia?

Sebastian J. Osterfeld sjo at
Sat Apr 28 12:28:58 PDT 2007

Dear Labmembers,

Today I got this email about people starting a "stanford wiki", e.g. 
what the best class is to take etc.

I think a much better idea would be to start an SNF wiki. We start with 
the processes that we already have, e.g. "How to do bilayer lift-off", 
but leave it open for additions and editing by users. We all are 
constantly discovering so many useful tweaks that we only occasionally 
share through the SNF email list. A wiki could be much more efficient in 
this regard.

For example I would add that when doing bi-layer lift-off witl LOL2000, 
liberally overexposing the resist is a good strategy to ensure that the 
resist develops quickly and uniformly, so that the undercut can be 
created more reliably and uniformly.

Best regards,

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