lost "community service"

Mary Tang mtang at stanford.edu
Mon Aug 27 11:49:01 PDT 2007

Hi all --

Actually, I'm surprised Community Service was still working -- I thought 
Maureen had deactivated it.  I would suggest that we have Community 
Service (Superuser) to be assigned judiciously to certain helpful 
labmembers.  Jim Kruger is certainly deserving, as is Eric P.  What do 
you think?


jim kruger wrote:
> With the update of Coral this morning, I seem to have
> lost the "Community Service" account.
> I have been using it for training new users at PQuest,
> occasionally to trouble shoot at Drytek4, and whenever
> I do etches for Staff (e.g. Cr etch for Mahnaz for
> Nanoimprint stamps).
> How shall I deal with these activities now?
> jim
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