Suggestion for Supplies Check Out dialog

Sebastian J. Osterfeld sjo at
Wed Jan 24 16:36:03 PST 2007


I just want to make a suggestion for the supplies checkout dialog on 
coral. Right now, once you have entered the quantity and barcode and 
clicked o.k., the dialog disappears without a trace from the screen, so 
one has no indication of whether things were recorded correctly. Maybe I 
even clicked the "Cancel" button by accident, and I wouldn't even know 
it. So how about adding a seventh tab to coral (right  now it has 6: 
Reservations, History, Maintenance, Policy, ...) that shows a listing of 
all recorded supply purchases (with prices) for the user? Or something 
similar? Basically it would be nice to have an immediate on-screen 
receipt or confirmation of one's purchase.


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