Reservation restrictions for Epi2

maurice stevens maurice at
Mon Nov 26 14:18:39 PST 2007

Hello Coral Team,

The Epi2 has become an extremely popular tool and some of it's users are 
make reservation that some have called unreasonable.

I would like to request that we add two reservation restrictions for Epi2.

1.  4-hour reservation prime time rule:
This policy limits the time that non-staff agents may reserve a piece 
of equipment during prime time to 4 hours each day for each member and 
project combination.

2.  12-hour reservation total time rule:
Non-staff agents may only reserve a total of 12 hours on this equipment 
for any member and project.

These are the same restriction that we have on the other epi.  I am 
hoping that some of the current reservation will be be reduced before 
the new coral restrictions start so that it will be easier for everyone 
to get time on the machine. 


maurice at

Maurice Stevens
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