Reservation restrictions for Epi2

maurice stevens maurice at
Mon Nov 26 16:45:07 PST 2007

Thank you thank you!!  Now the epi2 users will have to find something 
else to nag me about.


John Shott wrote:
> Maurice:
> My apologies .... I know that you've asked about this before and I've 
> forgotten to take care of this.
> Because of my apparently ever-shortening attention span, I've just 
> gone up and made those changes and actually deployed the changes.  In 
> fact, if you fire up a Coral client, select epi 2 and highlight the 
> Policy panel, you will see that those rules now appear to apply to 
> epi2.  The reason that I say, they "appear" to apply, is that the 
> reservation manager won't actually begin to enforce those rules until 
> the servers are restarted.  I dislike starting the servers during the 
> daytime and, as a result, will likely try to get here very early 
> tomorrow morning to restart them.
> Those new rules will begin to be enforced as soon as the servers are 
> restarted.  Of course, it won't actually remove any reservations that 
> are in violation of those new policies .... but no new reservations 
> will be allowed that violate those policies .... which likely means 
> that most of the "epi2 hogs" will not be able to make a reservation 
> for a number of days.
> Let me know if you have any questions,
> John

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