Directory of general practice physicians and dozens more specialties

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Thu Mar 6 22:23:05 PST 2008

Special Package for this week

Practicing Doctors in the United States 

788,417 in total * 17,805 emails

Featuring the most complete contact information in many different areas of medicine

Over a dozen sortable fields

US Pharmaceutical Company Executives List
Personal email addresses (47,000 in total) and names for top level executives

Hospitals in the USA
23,000 Admins in more than 7,000 hospitals {a $399 value]

Directory of US Dentists
Practically every dentist in the United States is listed here

US Chiropractor Directory
Complete data for all chiropractors in the United States (a $250 value)

Now offered at the lower rate:  
$398 for all above data

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good until Mar 7

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