[POSSIBLE VIRUS:###] [Fwd: problems with coral]

John Shott shott at stanford.edu
Sat Mar 29 11:35:42 PDT 2008


If you have problems with Coral, you can send them either to 
coral at snf.stanford.edu or to me directly:
shott at stanford.edu.

In looking at the comments related to teos2, I can see a comment from 
you on teos2 on 3/23 related to low pressure and another one on 3/26 
saying that the pressure was good again.  Did you make other comments 
than these 2 recently on teos2?  The first one appears to have 
"disappeared" because it was cleared.  By default, the maintenance 
client only shows unresolved problems, comments, and shutdowns.
However, if you click the "Resolved" checkbox on that client, you should 
see both the resolved and unresolved problems, comments, and shutdowns 
over the last 90 days.  Let me know if that does not cause the "missing" 
comment to show up.

Related to missing reservations, can you provide me with a bit more 
information and I'll look into it ...

1. As best as you can recall, about when did you make the reservations 
(I gather that it was yesterday 3/28 but at about what time ...) and do 
you remember what tool and approximately what time window you were 

2.  In each case, did the reservation appear on your client after your 
reservation or was there any sort of other error message or popup window?

With this information, I can try to do a little undercover work to see 
if I can figure out what may be going on.

Talk to you later,


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