Coral is down

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Fri Jul 17 15:32:57 PDT 2009


While I've got no ability to kick start anything from here, here is what I would suggest:

1 Go up to our aisle (closest to the air conditioner).

2. In about the center of the row, we have one monitor, and a KVM swtich above it.
By pushing on the switch on the front of the black KVM you should be able to move from machine to machine and see which have a login window.

It's a 16 channel KVM and there are 3 things that need to be up.  

Here's what I'd do ....On the second row from the top, the rightmost 2 machines are critical ... the third machine from the left is the one that is both the Coral server and database and also the file system for the other machines.  If you move the switch to that machine and shake the mouse button, does it show a login screen? If so, it should have running database servers and running Coral servers.

Then move the switch so that it is on the third row from the top on the rightmost machine.  That is SNF.  Shake the mouse, does it have a login screen?  Even if it does, power down and power back up that machine.  It is the Dell that is at about waist height in the rack to the left of the KVM.  I think that the power switch may be on the back.

Finally, move back to the second row from the top on the rightmost machine.  That is "flare" the machine that runs the sunrays.  Does it have a login window?  Even if it does, we are going to reboot it.  It is (I think) the topmost of the 3 machines on the row to the left of the KVM at nearly eye level.  To power cycle this, you need a pencil or ballpoint pen.  On the left of the machine is a little white on-off button. Hold it in for about 2 seconds to (I suspect) power down the machine.  Then wait for 30 seconds.  Then push it in for a second or so until you hear the high-speed fans come on.

Hopefully, this will bring up flare and SNF after the first machine that you checked is fully operational .... and things should, hopefully, be good to go.

Of course, if Bill is in the area, he'll do a better job of resolving things than my explanations.

I'll try to check back later tonight .... but, by then, I suspect things will be resolved.

Talk to you later,


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John and Bill,

It's noon on Friday and both the sunray's and remote coral are not working.


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