Users reporting others are deleting their session reservations while or just before or after their sessions complete or have expired....

James Conway jwc at
Fri Jul 31 10:03:46 PDT 2009


 I thought there was a rule or policy on the CORAL system RAITH that a 
reservation could not be deleted once the beginning of the session time 
had past?  I.e, the reservation expired.

Is there a was to test or modify the system to prevent this type of 
sneaky stuff by a minority of Users?

Can you get a X reporter file report set up for me that would give me a 
list of whom had deleted their existing reservation at the time the were 
on the tool or having just completed a write on the tool?

Thank you,


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Subject: 	Re: share a ride on this Friday 10am-2pm?
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Hi James, 

Can you please remind people not to delete the reservations they have just used in order to get more time for future reservations? I see this happening a lot recently. 

Thanks. See you in 1 hour. 


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This is your reminder that we are working together today along with Georgi Danikov in the same session on the RAITH system from 1 - 6 PM in the Ebeam Lab.  We meet at 12 - 1:15 and load at 1:15 so don't be late.... 


Kyeongran Yoo wrote: 

Dear James,

On last Friday, my overlay run did not go well.
Can I share a ride with you on this Friday?
Please let me know.

Many thanks,
Kyeongran ^__^

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