Qualification functions?

Bill Murray bmurray at stanford.edu
Mon May 4 08:43:59 PDT 2009


Mary Tang wrote:
> Hi guys --
> I can't seem to qualify people this morning.  I get the following 
> message when I try to qualify "usha" or "ghyrn" or even myself 
> ("mtang") on innotec or drytek4:
> org.omg.CORBA.COMM_FAILURE:  vmcid:  SUN  minor cord:  201 completed: No
> This is with either remote or local Coral.
We've been having some odd CORBA exceptions over the last two weeks when 
trying to connect to the policy manager:

2009-05-04 08:14:57 Error returned by PDP on manage request:
org.omg.CORBA.COMM_FAILURE:   vmcid: SUN  minor code: 201  completed: No

I need to check with John to see if we  have had any OS or Java patches 
in the last few weeks which might account for this.  I have restarted 
the servers so you should be able to qualify now. 

> I was also checking on equipment enable, following a labmember 
> comment.  I can enable a random assortment of equipment (wafersaw, 
> bottlewash, ev_imprint, etc.) , but can't enable stresstest (not that 
> it really matters in practice, since it's not interlocked, but thought 
> it worth noting).  I get this error:
> Hardware manager error: Enable return value exceeds limits.  See lab 
> staff.
The stresstest is interlocked.  It looks like someone has disconnected 
the cable?


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