Equipment email lists?

Mary Tang mtang at
Fri May 8 10:12:02 PDT 2009

Oh!  OK, that makes sense.  I think the complaintants (is there such a 
word?) were new labmembers -- except for Rostam -- but it looks like he 
sent it from his gmail account rather than his usual Stanford account.


John Shott wrote:
> Mary:
>> We've also had several recent complaints from labmembers that emails 
>> to specmat at snf are bouncing.  Is our emailer OK?
> In order to do a better job of both avoiding spam and of avoiding 
> those annoying "bounced message" lists that we were getting for quite 
> a while, I've put in something that basically only allows "legal 
> subscribers" to post.
> Legal subscribers include the list of folks that are on at least one 
> equipment email list or on our courtesy list.  That is, in effect, our 
> labmembers list.  Plus we explicitly allow email send from anyone of 
> these folks forwarded email list .... so that, for example, you can 
> send email as either mtang at or as mtang at  
> However, if you happened to send email as mary_tang at it 
> would be rejected.
> Has anyone  who should be a "legal" subscriber gotten bounced when 
> they send email to this address?
> If we need to arguably accept email from other places then we can 
> moderate that list ... but, as you painfully know, moderating a list 
> is a nuisance and we are likely to get the same spam sent to specmat 
> that we get sent to labmembers ...
> Thanks,
> John

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