Shutdown cpd SNF 2008-09-16 20:13:09: No LCO2 in the bottle

shott at shott at
Wed Sep 17 19:56:53 PDT 2008

I think that this was actually a scale problem that may not have been fully addressed following the power shutdown.
A couple of things I found:
1. The right most scale (Bottle A) didn't want to reliably want to turn on .... is just powers up and lists its model number (4040) but never seems to become fully active.
2. Following a power outage, we need to make sure that the "Auto off" feature is turned off.  To do this hit the Lb/Kg key and thin (with LbKg still held) push "On".  This will turn off the auto off feature .... in other words, it will stay on permanently.
I took off the cylinder, zeroed it and then but back on the cylinder.
It is currently weighing 194.5 lbs which is, I think, a full cylinder.
The "B" scale or readout assembly needs to be investigated.

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