Important message for cryostation users. Please respond ASAP.

Arunanshu Roy amroy at
Tue Jan 17 15:24:21 PST 2012

Hello cryostation users,

First of all, please join me in thanking Aryan Hazeghi for the significant efforts and time that he has invested in repairing the tool over summer and fall.
While a few problem still need to be fixed, we now need to ensure that the cryostation is kept up and running once it is fully operational again.
In order to do this, we need a full list of all users who are planning to use the tool in the future. We also need information on how critical this tool is for your research.
If you do not respond to this email by Friday 20th January, we will assume that you no longer require this tool.

Please respond to amroy at with 'Cryostation User' as the subject.

Please provide the following information

Research group:
Current year in graduate school:
Project for which the cryostation measurements are required:
Short description of type of measurements to be performed: (only 2-3 lines)
Expected frequency of use: (# of measurement sessions/month).


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