Do not leave the system unattended

Arash Hazeghi ahazeghi at
Tue Aug 22 14:00:20 PDT 2006

I saw today that the system was left at 77K for at least several hours  
with no one using it, I want to emphasize that users are not allowed to  
cool down overnight or leave the system unattended when liquid N2 is  
being used. There was frost all the way from the bayonet to the  
refrigerator and liquid was overflowing from the exhaust port. I closed  
the foot valve to prevent further spill. Please adjust your timing so  
that you can proceed with measurements as soon as the system is ready.  
If you need to do measurements two days in a row and you want to keep  
the system cool overnight make sure you close the back pressure line  
and open the foot valve by half a turn only.  There should not be any  
liquid spill from the system.
If the system is being found idle at 77K for more than two hours,  
system will be warmed up, sample removed and the current reservation  

Thank you,


Arash Hazeghi

PhD Candidate
Stanford Center for Integrated Systems,
420 Via Palou Mall, CIS-X 300
tel: 650-725-0418
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