Cryostat back up

Arash Hazeghi ahazeghi at
Thu Nov 30 20:33:17 PST 2006


Cryostat is back up, I changed the two probe tips which were bent. I wanted
to remind you again that users are not allowed to replace/alter/tighten or
loosen probe tips. If you have special needs please order your own tips from
Lakeshore Cryogenics inc. and I will install it for you. We have been paying
for tips so far but from now on ,users who bend tips will be charged $100
per tip. Also the triax sample holder is now fixed, but the new policy is
that the grounded holder will be installed on the system as default. Users
who need triax holder need to get it from me and bring it back when they are


Arash Hazeghi   

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Stanford System for Integrated Systems
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