System back up

Arash Hazeghi ahazeghi at
Fri Mar 23 04:11:56 PDT 2007

After extensive repairs I am glad to report that the system is back up. We
have replaced all the triax feed-throughs and vacuum has recovered. Please
note that new yellow cables are now used exclusively for the cryostat and
the use of 2-lug to 3-lug adaptors has been discontinued, until clamps are
installed for new cables please take extra care not to pull or trip over the
cables as this will cause bending/stress on the new feed-throughs. System
status is green on Coral and normal reservation policy in effect.


Arash Hazeghi

PhD Candidate,
Stanford Center for Integrated Systems,
CIS-X 300, 420 via Palou Mall
Stanford, CA, 94305
phone: +1(650) 725-0418 

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