missing screw

Arash Hazeghi ahazeghi at stanford.edu
Fri May 25 15:56:26 PDT 2007

I noticed one of the screws which attaches the sample holder to the cold
head is missing, probably someone dropped it in the chamber, this is totally
unacceptable and users should have reported it. In future in case damage is
done to the system without being reported to me, the responsible user(s)
will have the privileges suspended.
Also I noticed people not filling the log book for probe tips, failure to do
so will cause a two-week suspension of your login. Please take the rules

Thank you,



Arash Hazeghi

PhD Candidate,
Stanford Center for Integrated Systems,
CIS-X 300, 420 via Palou Mall
Stanford, CA, 94305
phone: +1(650) 725-0418

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