Cryostation policy reminder

Arash Hazeghi ahazeghi at
Sat Apr 5 15:39:44 PDT 2008

Hi all,

I found the transfer line hooked up to the system, looks like transfer line
was hooked up to the system for a few days and system was unattended. I also
noticed some of the accessories including a couple of wrenches and a vacuum
grease pack were missing. Please note that you MUST disconnect the transfer
line from the system after you are done with your experiment, you also have
to take your sample out unless the tool is enabled under your name and you
are doing experiments. In future all samples left in the system without
measurement in progress will be discarded, meaning that I will assume they
are trash and toss them. This is a community tool so please be considerate,
after doing your measurement clean up the area and put all the tools back in
their original containers, this way we can keep the tool up and running and
useful to everyone. Also don't forget to fill the log sheet for probe tips
in addition to usage log sheet , if you forget to remember the log sheet you
are responsible to replace ALL the broken tips even if you did not break


Thank you,






Arash Hazeghi


PhD Candidate

Stanford Center for Integrated Systems

CIS-X 300, 420 Via Palou Mall, 

Stanford, CA 94305


phone: +1-650-725-0418



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