printer problems

Les Bogdanowicz lbogdanowicz at
Wed Sep 11 20:44:50 PDT 2002

I wrote a program that takes all the data off of the dektak and puts it into
an excel readable file. The data stream is simple to decode, anyone can do

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Subject: printer problems

> Dear fellow-users:
> The printer which attaches to both Dektak IIA's is non-functional, i.e.
> power coming to the printer a manual line feed does not spool the paper.
> there another printer which can be used in its place.  Alternatively, has
> written an interface progam which allows a data dump from the Dektak to a
> Any suggestions are welcome.  (We've thought about using a digital camera,
> thought it would be a little too crude.)
> Thanks!
> - Raj & Josie
> P.S. please send responses to gupta at, by a "reply all".

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