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Raj Gupta gupta at
Thu Sep 12 00:04:36 PDT 2002

Hi Les,

Would it be possible for you to share this code with us all?  We could 
post it as part of the "dektak" group for everyone to benefit.  You will 
be saving us all the effort of finding the dusty manuals, correlating 
pin outs, uploading drivers, and writing source... what do you think? 
You will certainly have my gratitude :)


Les Bogdanowicz wrote:

> I wrote a program that takes all the data off of the dektak and puts it into
> an excel readable file. The data stream is simple to decode, anyone can do
> it.
> Les
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> Subject: printer problems
>>Dear fellow-users:
>>The printer which attaches to both Dektak IIA's is non-functional, i.e. with
>>power coming to the printer a manual line feed does not spool the paper. Is
>>there another printer which can be used in its place.  Alternatively, has anyone
>>written an interface progam which allows a data dump from the Dektak to a PC?
>>Any suggestions are welcome.  (We've thought about using a digital camera, but
>>thought it would be a little too crude.)
>>- Raj & Josie
>>P.S. please send responses to gupta at, by a "reply all".


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