Diffusion Morning report 12/19/02

Ted Berg tberg at snf.stanford.edu
Thu Dec 19 07:12:06 PST 2002

Good morning all,
    Tylan 1 down bad uniformity, burn box OK. Countdown to turn-off.

Diffusion Date: 12/19/2002
Tube Name/Number Status Comments THICKNESS-Change at
Tylan 1 Down Possible uniformity issue
Tylan 2 Up tube replaced-Uniformity OK
Tylan 3 Up
Tylan 4 Up
Tylan 5-BBr3 Up
Tylan 6-POCl3 Up
Tylan 7-Dirty Ox Up
Tylan 8-SiGe Up   6.75?
Tylan 9-Poly up   14.4/30
Tylan 10-Nitride Up running until shutdown unless it dies 31.5/30
Tylan 11-BPSG-LTO Up   18.4/30
Tylan 12-FGA Up
Tystar Up  16.5/30???
Doped Poly Down
TEOS yellow
Tylan 16 N/A
Burn Box Up
ZYGO Up Ordered CD RW and Memory upgrade


SiH4 for furnaces   Change at 100PSI  Currently @320 PSI

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