Diffusion Morning Report

Ray Seymour seymour at snf.stanford.edu
Wed Nov 24 08:50:41 PST 2004

Morning All,

The greeting should have said, Morning Few, as it is a little lonely
around here this morning. The big issue this morning is the BPSG with
flakes on all wafers. Clean dummies have been loaded but no further tube
process has been done. I, with Mike will open the tube and check out the
situation. All else looking pretty good. Poly will be going down for a
pull and clean on Monday morning. Also the burnbox will need to be
cleaned Monday morning after the long weekend.

Tube Name/Number     Status
Comments                               THICKNESS-Change at
Tylan 1                        Up
Tylan 2                        Up
Tylan 3                        Up
Tylan 4                        Up
Tylan 5-BBr3               Up
Tylan 6-POCl3             Up
Tylan 7-TEOS2            down                              Qual testing
Tylan 8-SiGe
Tylan 9-Poly                Yellow
Observation                              32.67/30
Tylan 10-Nitride
Tylan 11-BPSG-LTO   Down                              Flakes on
wafers                      3.41/30
Tylan 12-FGA              Up
Doped Poly GONE
TEOS yellow
Tylan 16 N/A
Yhermco 1 UP
Thermco 1 UP
Thermco Poly               Yellow                            Testing
Thermco Nitride            Down                             Waiting

Burn Box                      Up

ZYGO                          Up

GAAS 22                      UP
GAAS 23                      UP

SiH4 for furnaces                                           Auto
changeover working well  B on line 160 PSI

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