3nd Poly test

Maurice Stevens maurice at snf.stanford.edu
Sat Dec 3 14:05:36 PST 2005

Within the first 5 seconds of the deposition step (65), the SiH4 flow 
rose from 0 to 200, the process pressure increased and the program 
jumped to step 75 . 

The SiH4 set point is 136.   The program jumps to step 75 if the 
pressure reaches 1200 mtorr.

Silane MFC dumping too much gas?  Pump not handling the silane flow 
while silane MFC stabilizes?


Maurice Stevens wrote:

> After Ray and Dick rechecked the temps with a voltmeter I ran another 
> test.
> It didn't run the whole 15 minutes.  I came to take the readings in 
> the middle of the dep step and it had already jumped to the post dep 
> purge.
> I'll try again tomorrow and watched ever minute.
> -m
> Maurice Stevens wrote:
>> After the tube was pulled Ray checked the pump down, the flows and 
>> the temp.
>> I ran a polyemit test for 15 minutes and expected ~2000Ang.
>> The wafers are brownish color on the edges and the back.  The 
>> thickness was ~300 Ang.  From the tycom the temp, flows and pressure 
>> looked normal.
>> The wafers are in a box next to the tycom.

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