Diffusion Morning Report 06/20/11

Ted Berg tberg at stanford.edu
Mon Jun 20 06:48:33 PDT 2011

Good morning All,
     Looking good this morning. Tylan 2 had poor uniformity. Thermco 1 
low growth rate. Thermco 2 temp not stable.
FIJI ALD inspection today-horns and strobes. THermco nitride higher 
pressure during dep. No other issues at this time.

     Date:    6/20/11    THICKNESS-Change at         Priority
Tube Name/Number    Status
Tylan 1    up
Tylan 2    yellow    poor uniformity
Tylan 3    up
Tylan 4    up
Tylan 5-BBr3    up
Tylan 6-POCl3    up
Tylan 7-TEOS2    up         6.7/30
Tylan 8-SiGe    up         1.94/30
Tylan 9-Poly    up         22.0/30
Tylan 10-Nitride    up         16.01/30
Tylan 11-LTO    up         4.9/30
Tylan 12-FGA    up
Thermco 1    yellow    Low growth rate
Thermco 2    yellow    no tlc flow
Thermco 3    future
Thermco4    future
Thermco Poly1    up
Thermco Nitride1    yellow    pressure issues
Thermco bpsg    up
AMAT Epi    up
TEL Spa    up
Burn Box    up
Ebeam    down    cryo compresssor dead
ZYGO    up
FGA2    up
SiH4 for furnaces        B on line pressure 938 psi     changeover 
working well

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