Shutdown drytek2 2002-09-25 16:54:13: Drytek2 Leak Repaired, ER uniformity< 1%

mcvittie at mcvittie at
Fri Sep 27 06:40:19 PDT 2002

Drytek2 Users,
Several in chamber water leaks were repaired, chamber was 
seasoned for 1 hr with poly etch process and uniform ER test
was performed at top wafer position. Using 5 pt measurement
(center and 1 cm from edges), etch rate (ER) was found to be
1611 +/- 13 A/min. Next week, I will work with Henry to minimizethe electrode to electrode non-uniformity.  Many thanks to Len 
and Cesar for repairing the leaks.
	Jim McVittie

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