Problem drytek2 SNF 2004-11-22 16:14:26: bad smell, sticky button

Jim McVittie mcvittie at
Tue Nov 23 11:13:39 PST 2004

>>there is a bad smell when opening the chamber door and the cycle start
button sticks a lot - >>sometimes the receipe will start running without
pressing the button!

Here are couple quick comments regarding the smell:

1. It is recommanded that you not open the chamber after the plasma has
been on without first pumping it out.. If you let the process time out
or press the process coimplete buttom, the system will automaticly pump
and purge the chamber. If you stop the process by pressing the reset
buttom, the chamber will vent without pumping out the gases already in
the chamber. If the reset has been hit, one should start the process
again and stop it after the chamber has been pumped out.

2. Many of the processes in this tool use SF6. As a result, sulfur
compounds will be formed.
Sulfur compounds tend to have strongs smells. There has always been some
smell in the chamber after a SF6 but it has not been very noticable. I
will check the chamber out to see if I can deteact any changes.

3. I am not aware of any toxic vapors being left in the chamber after a
run, however I almost make sure the chamber has been pumped out before I
open it. I believe some safety tests were run on the chamber years ago.
I will ask around to see if some more testrs are called for.

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