Comment drytek2 SNF 2006-06-25 13:26:15: how to get gases to flow correctly

lindaw at lindaw at
Sun Jun 25 13:26:16 PDT 2006

On the MKS pressure control module there are 4 knobs on the upper left and three knobs on the lower right of the module. The rigth most knob on the lower right side is set at AUTO to control the gas flow.  When it is set in auto, it may not pump down below 100, which is the current set point to start the process gases flowing.  If the chamber is not pumping down, set this knob to EXT.  The chamber will pump down and start the gases flowing.  If left in EXT, it will just pump down to around 50 mT and the pressure control adjustment knobs won't do anything.  You have to put this knob back to AUTO once the gases start flowing, and then you can adjust to the desired process pressure.Shorter version, press cycle start, turn lower right knob to EXT. Once gases flowing, put knob back to AUTO.

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