Problem drytek2 SNF 2008-10-30 11:09:30: RF max'd at 450

shott at shott at
Wed Jan 7 18:38:23 PST 2009

I've had limited success in working on the RF power supply ... it's not great, but it will at least hold 500W of power without drooping for 30 minutes.
Things changed: replaced both the electrolytics in the +12V and +40V power supplies in the oscillator and first drive stage.
Replaced the 2N3866 and MJE2801 transistors in the oscillator stage.  Change the emitter degeneration resistor in Q3 to a 1/2W 15 ohm resistor (the 1/4W was margina). Replaced the 741 op amp.
So, modest improvements .... but no smoking gun that restored full 1000W power.

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