Comment drytek2 SNF 2009-09-10 17:52:35: Update ... still manometer problems ...

shott at shott at
Thu Sep 10 17:52:36 PDT 2009

The new manometer arrived (a 1 Torr MKS 627) with a special DB15 to 9-pin adapter to make it, electrically, connect to the Drytek 9-pin cable.
When it powers up it only reads"+" and never reads a real signal.
I believe that this manometer head must be working .... it was calibrated at Laminar today.  That would seem to mean only two things:
1. The PDR-C-1B power supply display unit is not functional.
2. The Nupro valve is not opening and the mamometer is not seeing vacuum.
A couple of things to test ....
1. Bring in a different PDR-C-1B (like the blue/green one that we used last night with the 10 Torr head).
2. Plug in a TC gauge as well, to confirm that the NUPRO valve is opening properly.
System left under vacuum but with PDR-C-1B powered off.

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