Problem drytek2 SNF 2010-11-25 17:48:18: low poly etch rate in SOI

shott at shott at
Tue Nov 30 15:37:10 PST 2010

Karthik reported the following subsequent discovery that seem to explain the lower-than-expected etch rate of his SOI wafer that had been annealed at high temperature.
Based on his observations, I am going to clear this problem:
After talking to other people, it seems like the low etch rate problem might have been because of my soi wafers. I had done an anneal in nitrigen ambient 1040AN in tylan2 and it is possible that a thin layer of nitride may have formed on the surface which causes a slow etch rate initially. Once that layer is removed the etch proceeds with the normal expected etch rate. 
Thanks to Karthik for both following up on this issue and being sufficiently considerate to the reset of the community to share his findings.

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