Problem drytek2 SNF 2011-06-27 13:17:01: while running process 2 poly

lindaw at lindaw at
Mon Jun 27 13:17:01 PDT 2011

while running process2 poly etch, I set the forward power to 400 and reflected to 10.  I then turned up the power to 415, and the reflected power remained at 10, but the RFLimit LED lit up on the front of the display.  I also  ran the process 1 O2 descum, and the forward power tops out around 425W, the reflected stay at about 20, but when you try to increase the forward power, the reflected power stays at around 20, but the RFLImit LED comes on.  Usually the RFLimit LED only comes on when the reflected power goes above 50 or so when running at 500W.  maybe the display meter is not showing the correct forward and reflected powers?

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