Comment drytek2 SNF 2011-11-02 08:15:40: New operating procedure

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Wed Nov 2 08:15:40 PDT 2011

Before you use drytek2 please read the new operating instructions located in the blue book.  They contain a new, as of 9/8/2011, RF tuning procedure.  The changes have been underlined to highlight them.
You will notice that the old RF power supply is back.  At this time it will not go any higher than 400W.  Expect etch rates to have decreased.
A new power supply is on order so drytek2 should be able to deliver 500 total watts.  We will let you know when it has been installed.  The new tuning procedure will remain in place.
In addition, there is a new log form for you to fill out at the end of the etch.  You will be asked for the coil and cap settings.  They can be found by looking on the coil and cap tuning pots (the black knobs used to tune the RF).  We want to collect this information so that users of the tool can refer back to the last settings used for a given recipe and plug them in to ease the RF tuning procedure.
Lastly, we are requiring the labmembers turn the RF power level to zero after using the tool.  This will limit wear and tear on the RF power supply.  We also ask that users tune the RF at a much lower power (40W) before turning the RF to the full power desired.  This procedure is covered in the new operating instructions.
Team Etch

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