Drytek2 - aluminum RF conductors

Len Booth booth at snf.stanford.edu
Wed Oct 24 08:17:11 PDT 2001

Drytek2 users -
	When you load wafers onto the electrodes
in Drytek2, you will notice that for the three lower
electrodes (4, 5, &6) there is a soft aluminum wire
that connects the RF feedthrough at the bottom of
the etch chamber, to each electrode.  Recently there
have been an increasing number of problems involving
users sticking their hands so far into the electrode
area, that the aluminum wire for electrodes #4 is
being bent to the left and shorting to ground.
PLEASE be careful when you put your hands into the
electrode area - DO NOT BEND THE WIRES.
	If you have questions, please contact me.

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