Use of Freon 13B1 in Drytek 1 & 2

Len Booth booth at
Wed Jul 9 09:28:11 PDT 2003

Drytek1 & Drytek2 users -

        Freon 13B1 (like Freon 115) is no longer available
for purchase in the US, as it is unkind to the environment.
That is why the current bottle of F-13B1 will not be replaced.

        Currently our Dryteks use one MFC that must be switched
between F-13B1 & F-22 gas sources.

        I would like to know if there are any users
still using recipes that include F-13B1 in either  
Drytek1 or Drytek2.  If not, we can eliminate the F-13B1
and dedicate one MFC to use only Freon-22, and have the
digital readouts for F-22 flow read directly in sccm,
and no longer have to use a multiplication factor with
the readout value, to determine real sccm of F-22 flow.

        If you are still using any recipes with F-13B1
please reply to me within the next two weeks (by July 25)
so we can decide if F-13B1 can be eliminated.

                thank you,

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