Drytek Usage: Input Requested

Scott Lee wslee at stanford.edu
Tue Sep 18 12:57:59 PDT 2012

Hello Drytek Users,

SNF is in the process of looking at buying new tools to eventually replace
the vintage Drytek etchers in SNF. We want to ensure that the current
processes can be supported on the new tools. Respond to Scott at
wslee at stanford.edu with your Drytek processing requirements. We would like
to know:

(1) what material do you etch in Drytek?
(2) what is your masking material?
(3) what are your cleanliness requirements?
(3) what process gases do you need?
(4) what typical etch power do you use?
(5) any other features you would like to see on the tool?

Please respond within a week by 9/25. We are looking at purchasing the tool
in the next couple weeks.

SNF User Adcom
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