Shutdown epi2 SNF 2009-10-30 02:02:03: wafer stuck in chamber A (Lift problem)

slcheng at slcheng at
Fri Oct 30 02:02:04 PDT 2009

i made the machine back to Active idle.
Test the Ge Etch process. Looks fine.
However, when trying to run the wafer with a test recipe, the wafer was stuck inside the chambe A.
Fault message shows the wafer is not in process position.
I was able to get the wafer out.
However, during the wafer inside chamber A, i tried to move the lift from Home to Process and back several times.
The same message of "not able to reach process position" showed up twice for totally 5 runs.
I think it is obivous that there is a mechanical problem there.
By the way, the previous TEST sequencer disapeared.
I created a new TEST sequencer.
Please confirm if this sequencer is correct or not.

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