Comment epi2 SNF 2010-12-05 20:35:48: A few light haze spots on Hi temp Si

maurice at maurice at
Sun Dec 5 20:35:48 PST 2010

System has been in Active idle (~700c) for two days.
I ran 5 Si deposition after Narii's Ge test.  Each wafer looked better the the previous.  The last wafer and a couple of light haze spots.
I am leaving the system in Active Idle overnight and yellow lighing the tool.   If you are in the area and the system is not being used, run any of the etch programs.  It will speed up the bake out process.
The susceptor has been changed... if you are running Ge or low temperature Si you should run a test before committing "good" wafers.  Your process conditions may have changed.

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