Problem epi2 SNF 2010-06-25 20:49:05: ChA Overpressure Fault

jasonlin at jasonlin at
Fri Jun 25 20:49:05 PDT 2010

During my 3rd wafer, ChA overpressure fault, system went to isolated.  I tried to reset the chamber but when it is trying to pumpdown, the pressure decreases very slowly.  Because of this, after a bit, the system faults again, saying the pressure is too high (about 800 Torr), and goes back into isolated.  Unable to return chamber into inert idle working state.
Is there something wrong with the pumps?  This ChA Overpressure fault happened to me last time I ran the system as well, except that time the fault happened during Ge Etch Coat (after 4 wafers had run successfully).

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