Problem epi2 SNF 2010-03-25 00:46:46: DOP2 Deviation by 57%

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Thu Mar 25 01:05:58 PDT 2010


For a single flowmeter, the manufacturers of the latest flowmeters CLAIM that 2% is OK.  Even if that claim is valid, 50% of 2% is an even smaller number, and assuming that no momentary deviations occur is probably too hard.  That's for a single flowmeter.

If you are refering to the mixing ratio in the header of the recipe, that's more complicated.  The mixing ratio appears to control two flowmeters (called source and diluent in other reactors), and proper operation also requires that the pressure at an internal node is correct.  I'm concerned that operating at the limit of the MFC and then compounding that with the need for the proper pressure at that node (and probably some complex software) is too hard.

Can you obtain the same dopant flow by using a higher mixing ratio and a lower dopant 2 inject flow?


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Same problem as 3/22/2010.  Went into Isolated state.  LLA could not be closed normally and had to be manually shut (same as last time).
Was running the same recipe.  In the header of that recipe (Jason-NP2), I set DOP2 to 2%.  Is that too low and causing this problem?

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