Problem epi2 SNF 2011-02-25 21:08:03: Load lock A stepper failed

takashifuse at takashifuse at
Fri Feb 25 21:08:04 PST 2011

After my recipe run, 
"load lock A stepper faild" error was happen.
I tryied to open LLA comannd but LLA status was going to "busy" and nothing happen.
I was looking for LL reset command but I can't  find that.
After about 30 min wait, epi2 showed "Encoder on axis - LOAD LOCK A INDEXER reports a loss of 20043" error and  LLA "busy" mode was released.
I was open LLA door manualy and took my wafer off.
After that I close LLA door manualy, LLA is back to "busy" mode and can't accept any command.
I can't do anything after this error.

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